Escort life and health We believe in safe and effective medical equipment to protect life and health. We not only bring quality products to the hands of our customers, but also control the quality system throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment, and continue to value the quality of the products with professional services. Only when we better serve the medical staff, the medical staff can better serve the patients. We have always taken care of the equipment with professional attitude and ability. Fast response service is close at hand In China, we have a complete service structure. Customer service center 7x24 hours service, expert service, complete three-level spare parts library, advanced CRM customer relationship management system and ERP system, proactive preventive service, etc., to provide customers with professional after-sales equipment protection. No matter where the customer is, the Thai service is close at hand. Manufacturer service We have excellent direct engineers and professional service agents composed of original training, assessment and certification to cover the original independent knowledge and technology and rich experience of engineering, clinical and other multi-disciplinary, not only can respond to each time in time. The service notice will take the initiative to prevent every detail reflected in the operation of the equipment, protect the safety of the equipment and effectively solve the medical risks. Upgrade service with technology to keep your equipment value-added Science and technology are changing with each passing day, and clinical needs are changing rapidly. Independent innovation, such as the company continues to innovate, with all the independent knowledge patents and technology platforms, to achieve the upgrade of the original functions and performance of the purchased equipment, to maintain the advanced technology of the equipment, to ensure that customer equipment and business are synchronized with the development of technology. Improve the level of medical services Our services rely on innovative technologies in the field of engineering and research results in the clinical field, in line with the comprehensive and multi-level requirements of the department, to maximize the performance of the equipment, and to hope to help doctors improve the level of clinical medical services. Through comprehensive clinical application training, equipment maintenance and maintenance guidance, assist users to establish quality control system to ensure efficient operation of equipment; assist medical personnel in the forefront of clinical application fields through academic exchanges and summit forums; according to the actual needs of hospital departments As well as the development trend of the medical industry, it provides consulting services for departmental business operations and enhances the brand of medical services.

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